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Rules and guidelines for using the British Antique Bottle Forum, by registering with us you are agreeing to abide by the rules set out below…



The owners of the British Antique Bottle Forum reserve the right not to accept registrations of new members.


Your use of the British Antique Bottle Forum is subject to the rules and guidelines shown on this page. By using the British Antique Bottle Forum in any way you signify explicit agreement to all of the statements contained herein. These rules and guidelines apply to the titles and body of your posts, to your signature and to private messages and emails sent from the forum. Failure to adhere to the rules may result in your posts being modified, moved or deleted. Continued failure to respect the rules may lead to your account being suspended or a ban being placed on your continued use of the forum.

Forum Access & Restrictions

Once an account is accepted & validated access is given to the forum and its content, the Administrators reserve the right to restrict access to certain sections of the forum until your account is deemed as active by way of reaching a certain post count level, this may be way off restrictions in viewing or posting within said sections, these restrictions apply to all members & no exceptions will be given to bypass this.

Respect For Your Fellow Member

You will not use profane language. You will not post messages that are in any way racist, sexist, abusive or obscene. You will not incite or be aggressive in tone. You will respect the right of others to express their opinion. You will not post irrelevant text designed to disrupt discussion. You will not make any statements that could be construed as defamatory of an individual, group or business. Threats or any form of harassment against another member will be taken seriously. The forum owners will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies in the event of an action.

Respect for Forum Moderators

All Admin / Moderators have an absolute right to delete, move, edit or otherwise change any post added to this forum as necessary in order to maintain flow, ensure adherence to these rules and maintain the positive spirit of the discussion. If you don’t agree with a decision you may discuss it with the Moderating team who made the judgment in private, but you are not entitled to a “hearing” or even a necessarily to a response. The rules outlined on this page will be used as moderation guidelines. Remember that the discussion forum is moderated by people who have volunteered to put themselves in the position of making difficult judgment calls. Following these guidelines/rules makes their life easier and everyone’s experience visiting the British Antique Bottle Forum better.

Registration and Personae

Multiple registration – that is, having more than one live membership – by an individual is not recommended. If second and subsequent registrations are detected the moderators may take action to close, suspend or otherwise render all but one registration inactive. Repeated attempts to register extra memberships, or the use of one membership to discuss in any way another existing membership opened by the same individual, will, once detected, lead to immediate closure of all membership accounts on the grounds of bringing the Forum into disrepute.

Suspension Or Termination Of Membership

In the case where these rules are violated, your membership of the Forum may be terminated and access blocked; alternatively a members posts may be made subject to moderator sight before they appear in the forum. Should any of these actions become necessary, the member may be advised by email. Repeated transgression will result in your account being banned and your ISP being informed.

Spamming & Irrelevant Posting

Members found to be spamming or making irrelevant posts or threads within the forum in an attempt to increase their post count will have these posts deleted without notice at the moderators discretion and receive a warning if it persists, we encourage users to participate & make posts & start threads but only of a constructive nature.

Inactive Account Policy

The British Antique Bottle Forum operate a “Inactive Account” policy, any member that is not deemed to be taking an active role within our forum by logging into their account for a period of 365 days will have their account status changed to inactive, inactive accounts pose a risk to the security & privacy of the forum, all accounts are automatically checked by the forum software, while your account is listed as inactive you will still be able to log in but access to certain sections and functions may be restricted until you contact an administrator

Member’s Legal Responsibilities

The member is held responsible for what they write in the Forum, regardless of whether it is a post in a forum, on their signature or profile or in an email or message that is sent by the forum. The member specifically agrees by use of the forum to indemnify and hold harmless the administrators, moderators and owners of this forum against any form of action. The forum owners and moderators do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message and are not responsible for the contents of any message. All members have accepted these terms on registering to join the forum and explicitly agree to these terms on their continued use of the Forum.

The Sale Of Goods

While the British Antique Bottle Forum offers the facility for members to offer the sale of items we will not tolerate the sale of counterfeit or stolen items or any item of a pornographic nature, any member found to be offering items of this nature may have their account suspended or terminated without notice, all sales carried out are strictly between the members concerned and the British Antique Bottle Forum accepts no responsibility for these sales or the description/condition of said items, it is the members responsibility to ensure descriptions of any item offered for sale are accurate.

The Posting Of External Internet Links

The British Antique Bottle Forum allows the posting of active links to external websites and web content but links to any illegal content such as pirate software and unlicensed software, music, movie torrents & download linking related illegal download sites are forbidden, any such links could result in our forum being deleted and the forum & yourselves being prosecuted, any such links will be removed without notice and may lead to your account being suspended or deleted, any links posted must be of suitable content that could does not offend other members, remember that this forum is viewed by minors.

Changes To These Rules

The owners and operators of the British Antique Bottle Forum reserve the right to modify these rules at any time and without notice or announcement. Members continued use of the Forum is in explicit acceptance of the current version of the rules in force at the time of posting to the Forum.


Rules updated 12/10/12