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We often receive loads of questions from non collectors regarding bottle digging, collecting and the most common of all is when a bottle is found in a loft, garden, bought at a local charity shop, or found out on a walk in the countryside, here we will try to answer as many of those frequently asked questions as possible….


Forum & Website Related FAQ’s….


Why Cant I Register Using My Hotmail Email?

It was decided that we would no longer accept registrations through our automated registration process using free web based email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Google etc due to the amount of spam and hoax registrations we were receiving on a daily basis, this does not mean we will not give you an account on our forum but you will need to contact us to have an account manually created by an administrator, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but the security of our forum and its members is our main priority.


I Have Registered But My Account Has Not Been Activated?

Once you have completed the automated registration process our automated system will send out an email to the address you registered with, you need to click the link within this email to “validate” your account, until this has been done your account cannot be activated and you will be unable to access the forum, if you did not receive this email please check your “spam” email folder or click here to have it resent.


I Have Contacted You But Not Had A Reply Yet? new

If you have sent us an email regarding bottle information please be patient, this website and forum is run by volunteers in their spare time, we try to answer as many emails as possible but cannot guarantee all email will be answered as we do receive a huge amount on a daily basis, if your email was regarding forum registration we will create your account as soon as possible as long as you supplied all the information required here.



Bottle Collecting Related FAQ’s….


Is My Bottle Worth Anything?

Its hard to decide whether a bottle has any value or not, a lot of bottles we receive emails about have little or no value, such as examples embossed with, Table Spoons, California Fig Syrup, Scott’s Emulsion, Bovril, Eiffel Tower Lemonade, Camp Coffee, Gartons HP Sauce, Daddies Favorite Sauce, Lung Tonic, Venos Lightning Cough Cure, Fennings Fever Curer & Halls Wine Tonic to name but a few. Even some of the bottles containing marbles within the neck (Codd Bottles) can only be worth a couple of pounds but with these it all depends of color, patent design etc with some being worth a lot more, we are always happy to help with a rough valuation so if unsure please feel free to contact us.


Note: This Page Will Be Updated With More FAQ’s As We Receive Them…..