About Us


About the British Antique Bottle Forum….


The British Antique Bottle Forum was originally started as the “North West Antique Bottle Forum” in 2007, after many years administrating on other unrelated forums at the time I was unsure if there was place in the world wide web for another antique bottle related community but thought I would give it a go purchased a forum software license and set up an economy hosting account, within the first year things steadily picked up with more and more registrations, also within 6 months of starting I was joined by Paul, with his many years experience within the hobby and his passion for historic research, cataloging finds and dedication of supporting the forum & the hobby in general has proven invaluable to the growth of our community. we made a decision to rename to “The British Antique Bottle Forum” in 2008 to try and gain a larger audience within the hobby, member numbers from not just the UK but across the globe grew and forum activity rapidly increased throughout the next year, the decision was taken in 2010 after realizing that we needed to move the forum to faster and larger dedicated hosting that specialized in our forum software platform, by mid 2010 we reached the landmark of 1000 active registered members and we had built a reputation for the family friendliness of our community, as costs grew we asked our member base if they would be interested in helping support the running costs and the response was incredible, the forum then became fully financed by member donations paid towards the hosting & software license costs, further showing the support of our membership base. Our next big landmark came at the beginning of 2012 when we proudly became “sister forum” to the Australian Antique Bottle Forum creating a friendly link within the hobby between our two great nations, we also decided we should embrace social media and set up a Facebook page and Twitter feed headlining the events involving the forum and hobby, now as we move on into the future we have a great friendly moderation team who all have many years of experience and knowledge regarding the hobby whose help we find invaluable and a fantastic member base.




Our Community Values….


We take a great pride in the values we abide to in running our collecting community, we never pass on members email address’s or other details to third party companies or other members, our administration team personally check all new registrations before allowing access to the forums, we never send out mailings or other communications in attempt to sell goods or services to our members, our forum team are carefully chosen for their friendly nature and passion and knowledge of the hobby and they put in a lot of their spare time to make our forum a great place to be part of. our forum is 100% safe for the younger collector, The only banners or advertising you will ever find on our forum are for bottle events or hobby related websites, we do not participate in any form of 3rd party advertising as we feel this detracts from the goal our community represents, we strive to promote and support every part of this hobby to ensure its carried on by the younger generation.

So if you like the sound of our forum why not register and join us, we look forward to welcoming collectors from across the world whether your new to the hobby or have been collecting for years, the British Antique Bottle Forum would love to see you online soon.




The British Antique Bottle Forum would like to thank and acknowledge the efforts of the following for their help and commitment not only just towards our forum but supporting and positively promoting the bottle digging & collecting hobby in general….


Roger Pellow, John Foumakis (AUS Forum), Paul Taylor & Russ Smith (ABC Magazine), Travis Dunn (ABCR), Nick Chipchase, Bill Wallworth, Dave Orman, Jerry Kemp (Diggers Diary), Stuart Bailey, Ralph Catchpole, John Ault, Alan Blakeman (BBR Magazine), Brian Thatcher, Dave Arrowsmith, Dave Silcock, Winston Guy, Keith Evans, Simon Jackson, Dave Bolton, Wayne Wood,  Dave Parkin (NE Forum), Mark Potten (Codd Forum), Peter Douglas, Andy Lane, Rob Goodacre, Jason Beck, Andy Foster (BDUK), Chris Lever, Frank Romanowski and not forgetting the guys at hosting for their support and keeping everything running smoothly.

NOTE: This list is still being updated….