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Below are a few links to websites the British Antique Bottle Forum would recommend……


Bottle Clubs, Forums, Auctions & Publications…..


The Australian Antique Bottle Forum

Our good friends & sister forum in Australia, for everything to do do with the bottle scene down under this ones for you.

A.B.C Magazine

Our good friends over at the UK published magazine Antique Bottle Collector, a publication we have been featured in.

BBR Auctions & Magazine

The home of the British national bottle shows, auctions & British Bottle Review magazine based in Elsecar Yorkshire.

A.B.C.R Auctions (Australia)

A fantastic & friendly bottle auction website based in Australia run by our good friends & supporters, well worth a look.

The Alton Antique Bottle Club

Hampshire based collectors club that have for many years organized the brilliant Alton Bottle Show

The Dorset Antique Bottle Club

Well established club for collectors in the Dorset & surrounding areas, organizers of the New Forest Bottle Show

Genesee Valley Bottle Collectors Association

Founded back in 1969 now a well established collectors association in Rochester New York.

Old Shop Stuff

A forum for swapping, buying & selling collectable advertising, run by the established “Advertising Antiques”


Bottle Collector & Hobby Reference Websites…..


The Diggers Diary

A fantastic site run by Jerry Kemp covering many aspects of collecting, well worth a visit.

North Norfolk Bottles

A great site bottle, Mineral water manufacturers, wine and spirit merchants and brewers in the Victorian and Edwardian Periods in North Norfolk.

Groves & Whitnall’s Globe Works

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Manchester brewery famous for its amber Codd & mineral water bottles.

The Early Glass Collector

International website for collectors of early glass bottles & stoneware for the general period 1450-1850.

Brighton Bottles

A site covering Stoneware & Glass Mineral Water Bottles from Brighton from 1850 to 1950.

Stoke On Trent Bottles

A website all about antique bottles and associated items from the Stoke-on-Trent area of Staffordshire, UK.

Codd’s ‘n’ Odd’s

Website about Codd’s, North Wales chemist & a variety of other bottle related stuff.

North America Soda & Beers

For collectors of North American hand-made glass and pottery soda and beer bottles.

Mikes Inks

A fantastic personal website of an enthusiastic ink bottle collector, amazing photos of his collection.

Antique Bottle Collecting and Restoration

Tommy Akitt’s great site about collecting & bottle restoration from Silloth, Cumbria.

South African Antique Bottles

Antique Bottles is a South African run and maintained site for the purpose of supplying information on antique bottles.

Rob’s Famous Poisons

A fantastic site by well known collector Rob Goodacre covering the worlds most famous poison bottles.

Historic Glass & Bottle Identification Website (USA)

Interesting bottle site run by The Bureau of Land Management, an agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The Pot Lid Gallery

A great site run by Dean Antiques listing 100′s of interesting and rare pot lids.

Advertising Antiques

A website covering everything from enamel signs, tins, packaging, bottles etc, well worth a browse.

Somerset Ginger Beers

A site dedicated to ginger beer bottled from across the county of Somerset.

The Bottle Depot

A collectors website specializing in South Australian antique bottles.

Hemingray Insulators

Collectors site dedicated to The Hemingray Glass Company, the largest manufacturer of glass insulators in the world.

Unique Bottles

This site is all about our hobby and obsession-collecting old bottles and items from their home town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire.

Dose Glass Collector

A site dedicated to the hobby of collecting old glass chemist dose glasses, lots of interesting photos.

Antique Bottles & Glass

A site, for collectors and bottle diggers alike, not only selling antique bottles and glassware, it is also a useful information and resource.

 Terry’s Torpedos

A website from a Canadian collector of old round bottom torpedo bottles.


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